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iWireless OwnerGod posted Sat at 1:54

Whats coming next..

Well, the first thing on our list is to fix the major lag issues that are found on SuperMC, we know that the players are finding it tough to play online on the server and beause of that we are going to find out what mods/plugins are causing the major lag that we hate. 

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(Will be updated tomorrow)

More information coming tomorrow.

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CookieMonst3rr OwnerGod posted Wed at 21:51

Server maintenance for the time being: Updates being added here

Looking for an hour downtime right now, sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: Downtime is now predicted to be all night. Appreciate the patience.

EDIT2: Allowing a plugin to scan the world for proper spawning all night, hopefully it'll be working by morning time. (8 AM EST)

EDIT3: Server is back up with some changes.

LiamISA999 War Lord How do I get to Super MC? can I have a link please?
ChikiChar Titan SOO frustrating I was looking foward to MCCA ;-;
CookieMonst3rr OwnerGod Did you crash when you looked at a player? its a known glitch but not many people have reported it
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