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This winter is looking to be rather cold, so to warm you up we've decided to give you all a beautiful gift from the Classy Gaming Team! When you make a 15 dollar or more purchase this holiday season (December 5 2014 - January 1, 2015) you have the opportunity to add a random token to your cart, on us!

To take us up on our offer, please follow the steps as listed below.

Step 1) Put your purchase in your cart (must equal $15 or more)
Step 2) Go to our 'Specials' section and add the free random token to your cart
Step 3) Apply our special seasonal promo code "TisTheSeason" (without quotations)
Step 4) Enjoy your new rank/token/other and your free random token this holiday season!

We here at the Pixelmon Classy Gaming Staff Team wish you all a very happy holiday this year and the next!
F1ashMan48 Nvm... I'm a retard..
F1ashMan48 It doesn't work... It says the total needs to be 114 dollars...
Hustonboys Should be free ...

New Plugin Ideas

zanda268 Owner posted Oct 24, 14
Hey guys!
I'm looking at making a new plugin that will keep track of a number of different stats for both our Pixelmon server and CDC server. The jist of it will be tracking a specific stat and once you reach a certain quantity for that stat, you will get a shiny new badge on your Enjin page and receive something appropriate ingame. My question to you is what sort of stats do you want tracked? Comment your ideas below.

Ideas so far:
      Player Kills
      Zombie Kills
      Kill Streak
      Pokemon Battles Won
      Number of Pokemon

jfa2001 Batman Cdc is down
ChikiChar Why da server down
billyhz9 The amount of player kills you get in a single life in CD:C... a bit like a killstreak that has milestones set for rewar ...
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