PixelSpark is Now Live!

Evokinz Supervisor posted Apr 17, 15

From Left to Right: Kevzen, Cookie, Evokinz, Croh, and Scoapimp

ClassyGaming PixelSpark is now live!

Come join all of us on the new PixelSpark Server!



Did you miss Classy Pixelmon? We did too! We are bringing back all the amazing things that we had PLUS EVEN MORE!

~~We are also having 25% off PixelSpark Sale!~~

Nathandoha Hey i can't join it.
BenMancraft Just wanna say thank you for bringing this great expirece back because I never had the chance to try this server, and si ...
TheBantersaurus SWATSenior Mod why am i not in that picture? eh? eh???

Classy Gaming is looking for builders,

For a super secrect and classy project!

Apply on the forum post!

We need you now!

razor5637black TerminatorRobocopBatman I could be a builder
gamerx2002 been a while sense I been doing anything with classy ;/ no crafting dead server anymore ...
gamerx2002 I would like too ;p