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Pixelmon Bugs

zanda268 Owner posted Jul 8, 14
Alrighty, as expected, the new Pixelmon update came full of bugs. One of the most annoying is the "Unable to load moves". If this happens to you, send me a message on the website and I will help fix it for you. To make it easier, take a screenshot of your PC and Hotbar showing all your pokemon, fill your hotbar with crappy pokemon and say so in your message and I will have it fixed when you log in next. However, you will lose the pokemon in your hotbar. So, in summary:

Step 1: Take screenshots of your PC and Hotbar showing all your pokemon.
Step 2: REMOVE ALL POKEMON FROM YOUR HOTBAR except one you wouldn't mind losing.
Step 3: Send me a message stating your hotbar is ready to be deleted and the Imgur's of your pokemon.
Step 4: Log back in and it should be fixed.
Alluring_Shock ModWar Lord Common Bugs and how to fix them 1. Shiny non shiny-if zanda is online msg him about it and send him screens. He traded m ...
SoundwaveMe Zanda you are a great man (y) how long will the server is running again? hahaha

Quick Update

zanda268 Owner posted Jul 3, 14
Well I finally got everything updated so we now run Pixelmon 3.1.1. However, there was a couple complications. First, for the moment, spawn does not exist. There was a problem with the schematic so I will have to reupload the old world on my secondary server and try schem'ing it again. Second, Greif Prevention is down. I am trying to save all the old claim block data so you can keep the number of claim blocks but it is looking like I may have to reset it (this does not apply to any bonus you received from donating). As I was up all night updating the server, I am in dire need of some shut eye. I will be back on this afternoon and finish up then. Till then, thanks for reading this and as always...Stay Classy.
SoundwaveMe yeah not liking the 20x20 rule now, if you are able to change it back to the 10x10 or less that would be great
Nwali May i be given the link to downloading Technic please? Thanks
zanda268 Owner If you are having any problems with installation at all, I highly recommend that you download Technic and install our mo ...

Some Updates!

zanda268 Owner posted Jun 8, 14
I would like to give a warm welcome to all the new people joining us from the new Pixelmon server. This will be the new website that you will be using. As for all of the people already here, you can officially join the pixelmon server under the ip Pixel.ClassyGaming.Com. Now keep in mind that we are going to reset the map there in about 2-3 weeks so dont build anything to amazing. However, you will keep all your pokemon and items in your inventory and echest so don't forget that. Anywho, I just wanted to let you guys know about the new server addition. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Zach Meyer
Owner of Classy Gaming
RyGuy1231 Yesterday they said today, now its the 30th and it still has not happened! Please update the server
Libra102 Please let it be resetted like at least tomorrow getting really anxious about building elsewhere and expanding my farm..
Spartan122112 War Lord Will we be able to keep our ranks?
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