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It's Evo

Evokinz Supervisor posted Jun 21, 15

Hey Guys, It's Evo. I am posting here, because nobody else is. I have nothing but the upmost respect for this community. I am not saying that selling mTech was the right thing and I am not saying that it was the wrong thing. I know this is hard for some of you. I have been running servers with some of these people for over 4 years, and I hate to see it ending. There have been a lot of comments about how IWireless and myself are bad people for what we did. I just wanted to remind all of you that we put countless hours into these servers and that neither of us were ever paid. We would stay up all night to make the experience the best it could be. It is hard to work a fulltime job and not get paid, but we did it for you guys. I am not asking for you guys to love us. Just stop hating on IWireless.

Thanks -Evo

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mTech - The Future

iWireless OwnerGod posted Jun 15, 15

Well, most of you are aware that the modpack has been sold to "JAC Gaming". This was done in several reasons, personal and for the sake of the modpack. The amount won't be disclosed, because thats between us and them. We saw that to maintain the pack + the server, to give it to a bigger network like "JAC", they can continue to support it longer than here at Classy. Me and Evo also get to continue to develop the modpack further, and patch out updates. The server is now run by "JAC Gaming" and we see that they can bring a lag free environment with there server infrastructure, something we here struggled at bringing, we wanted to bring a better playing environment  to you the players. The pack will continue to be developed by me and evo + with new help from well established developers to ensure great future updates. I have known "JAC Gaming" for years, and have did business deals with them in the past, and I thought to myself, that they can take mTech to the next step, and also my personal reasons did persuade me into making the decision that you can now see.

- Ray - 

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