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Super Minecraft Tourney!

CookieMonst3rr OwnerGod posted Mon at 9:01

Hey all Classy Gamers, this is your chance to prove to be the best super hero out there!

This event is still in the planning stages but we're already preparing an arena and rewards for the winners.

I just wanted to give a slight update on whats going on this post will be updated with more information about the tourney. (Date, time, rewards, etc.) 


Love in the air

CookieMonst3rr OwnerGod posted Feb 14, 15

Happy Valentine's to all you classy gamers', from us to you <3 Everything in the shop is going on a 30% sale !

Sale Ends on the 20th!

CookieMonst3rr OwnerGod NOW, everything is on sale ...
XiroInfinity Titan Everything but Starmade T-T
TheBantersaurus same.. life sux
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