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Classy Gaming is proud to announce mTech. In short terms, its Tekkit Classic, but updated to 1.7.10 and includes some new mods that were later found in Tekkit Lite + some additions that we saw as a must.  mTech is what we think Tekkit should be, and we are proud to say that is it releasing this Friday. A full server will be releasing on side with this modpack, that we have spent hours developing, and planning. Since CG:RP will be shutting down, we suggest users who enjoyed playing on the CG:RP server for the "tech" to move on to mTech and enjoy what they loved on CG:RP on our new server, but to expand on this, if you loved the "Warfare" in CG:RP, we suggest you move over to Infamy, this pack was designed for warfare + some tech.

We won't be announcing our full modlist because we are still tweaking our mods, and not 100% sure what mods will be there on release. Guaranteed mods you will see is Equivalent Exchange 2, IC2, BuildCraft, Thermal Expansion/Foundation,  RailCraft, Project-Red, Forestry and more!

- We also have full Sphax texture pack to release as well -

mTech Server will be PvE, and economically focused. We do have the "Hardcore Nether" where you can PvP and grief and fight to your hearts content. On the mTech server you will enter a familiar spawn that you have seen on CG:RP. Some things you can do on the up coming server is:

- Create Companies
- Player Run Shops
- Cities/Towns you can buy plots in
- Spawn City, where you can buy Skyscrapers
- Crates are back [Voting + Donor, + Random events]
- Biome Selector, Choose where you want to start.
- Donor Magic Spells are back
- Multiple In-Game ranks to enhance game-play.
- Certain ranks will be able to create Portals/Gates to other locations in the world
- Events
- Mini-Games
- and more!

* Modpack will be launching on : Technic, working with getting the modpack on other launchers *

Pack created by:
- iWireless
- Evokinz
& Assisted by ForgeDevName

 - Classy Gaming Mangement -

shawn_Li_170 o Infamy does not really has too much people online
shawn_Li_170 o can u add AE, projectred is really a pain
shawn_Li_170 o i cant find any mod pack call Mtech

Well, its been fun...

iWireless OwnerGod posted Fri at 19:05

I am here to state that Classy Gaming is no longer Updating the 'Ultimate Real life Role Play', the creator was in a financial issue, and decided it was time to sell the modpack to another individual, who are now taking up updating the pack. We can see in the near future our server being removed from the server listing, which will result in a lowering of our player counts on that server, which in result will cause us shut down the CG:RP server. We are planning on releasing a modpack that is similar to the pack you guys have been playing on so the dedicated players can continue to play on the server they love. Maybe, the pack gets bigger and more people join in the community.. We don't know. The pack is now in the hands of another server network, and we are still waiting on what their first move as new modpack owners will be. The update on our server is on HOLD because we are waiting to hear word of the packs status.  This is not the end for us. We are working on new servers to "excite" you the players, and bring some players back to our community. We have an announcement for a brand new modpack coming out very soon, and new other servers are in the works. We also are out looking for new servers that you the players want. We have started a thread in our forums where you can give your opinion on what server we should create. Click Here to visit the post.

If your wondering, we fully tried to obtain the modpack, so we can continue further the modpack, but sadly our efforts were tarnished by the competitor.

- Server will STAY UP, till we get word from the new modpack owners -

- Classy Gaming Mangement - 

IVI_MAXIMUS_IVI Mod Ill miss you, My favorite pack. <3 In a highnote though, can not wait for the new one coming out!
Zionn_Ethan ChiefTerminatorTitan lol, cracks me up how many servers are shut down and re-open on here hahaha
ForgeDevName Manager ༼つ ◕_◕ ༽つ AMENO ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ