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Pixelmon Sale!

CookieMonst3rr OwnerGod posted Sep 7, 14
Announcing Classy Gaming's Fall Pixelmon Sale, every item on the Pixelmon shop will be 50% off. 

Our Crafting Dead Kits are still being updated which is why we're not having a sale for CD:C just yet. Very soon we will have this happening though. 

Stay Classy


edit: forgot to mention the sale is until september 20th :)
ChikiChar I have a Question when is the server updating to 3.2.8?

Hey Guys

zanda268 Owner posted Aug 12, 14

I haven't been on as much as I would like lately. This is partly due to me preparing to leave for college in 2 days and partly because of a game called Unturned. If you haven't heard about Unturned before, it's a brand new zombie survival game with some heavy minecraft influence available on Steam for free. It is still in beta but me and a lot of our staff found it pretty awesome. I am thinking about opening a dedicated server. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to make money by selling things in-game at the moment so we would have to charge an access fee ($5 per month or so).

If you would like to try out the server we have been playing on, here is the server information:
Password: ClassyGaming

Is this something you guys would want? Comment your opinions below!
6GBStarman Maybe $2 would be reasonable.
mbhrocks I love the idea, but I wouldn't think a $5 fee is reasonable.
thechief2 It is back up
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