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Open Beta

zanda268 Owner posted Jan 1, 15

Hey Classy Gamers!
Your help is requested to test out our brand new Bungeecord network. It will be in beta until 6 pm tomorrow. By helping us beta test, we can squash any bugs now, implement your recommendations, and you even get a headstart on other players!

To help us out, download the Classy Test Pack from Technic. Our server is already listed as the default one. Just join and start playing and let us know what you think!

Everyone who helps us Beta test will receive a free $5 dollar coupon to be used in our shop.


THYAWESOMESHEEP Titan imma gonna join
Kakashi37 God The Element Gun doesn't do anything .-.
ChikiChar Titan i think ima be da first person with a *batman tune* BAT SUIT

Hey guys!
As some of you may know, we have been branching out a bit in the games we offer for you guy to play on. We currently have a StarMade server up and running and are working (albeit slowly) on getting a Unturned Beta server up. What we wanted to know is what multiplayer games would you like to be able to play here at Classy. Comment your favorite games below and like the choices of other players if you like their game nomination as well.
sam14238921 AdminWar Lord Dayz would be a truckload of fun, but the thing about making an unturned server is that unturned is a free download , a ...
exblaze64 H1Z1 looks pretty good and will becoming free once it goes into beta from alpha
Gamer1677 Unturned
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