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New Plugin Ideas

zanda268 Owner posted 4 hours ago
Hey guys!
I'm looking at making a new plugin that will keep track of a number of different stats for both our Pixelmon server and CDC server. The jist of it will be tracking a specific stat and once you reach a certain quantity for that stat, you will get a shiny new badge on your Enjin page and receive something appropriate ingame. My question to you is what sort of stats do you want tracked? Comment your ideas below.

Ideas so far:
      Player Kills
      Zombie Kills
      Kill Streak
      Pokemon Battles Won
      Number of Pokemon

ChikiChar @ Pixelmon
How many pokemon have someone evolved might be a good idea and when we update to breeding how many eggs hatched
andre3000171 @ Pixelmon
battles won for pixelmon would be cool. thinking there might be a problem with boosting tho


zanda268 Owner posted Wed at 1:39

Yeah. I know. I'm a later comer to the CoC rage. I just started a month ago and I thought why not make a clan for all 5 of you who actually visit the website. Anywho, the clan's name is ClassyGaming and it is open to all! It only has 2 members at the moment so if you are in a good clan and don't want to move, I completely understand...that you are a horrible person. But in all seriousness, we are a pretty small clan for now at least so only join if that doesn't bother you. Hope to see y'all on there!
ChikiChar @ Pixelmon
I will join soon ...
zanda268 Owner Oh, that was just a joke at the number of people who visit our website nowadays compared to the past.
Hustonboys who 5?
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